Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Brendan looks forward to a bounce from the RBA announcement.

Federal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson says today’s looming interest rate rise is more important than his new record opinion poll low.

Dr Nelson downplayed the poll as he arrived to stool chair a shadow cabal meeting in Sydney this morning.

“I’m firmly locked in the underdog status, but the most important thing today is that the Reserve Bank of Australia will be delivering the report card, for the next 30 days and beyond,” he said.

The Reserve Bank is today expected to hike its official interest rate 7.25 per cent, which will make the official interest rate 0.25 per cent more popular than Dr Nelson.

The Leader of the Opposition said that he was in the job for the long haul and was expecting further interest rate rises in the coming months and years which would put him well within striking distance of the Prime Minister’s rating of 73 per cent.

Soon after finishing his upbeat doorstop interview, Dr. Nelson was seen hitching a ride in a passing black hole.


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